CHICAGO: Enraged Chick Gets BB Gun Pulled from Shelves of Dollar Store, Claims it Could be Used for ‘Harm’ [VIDEO]

Living in Chicago the gun violence is very high–though they’re supposed to be the safest city because of all that gun-control–and she claimed this BB gun could be used for harm. Though the gun itself can’t inflict any serious damage, to the untrained eye it could very well look like a real firearm. Was this woman’s rage justified or an overreaction?

A Chicago woman walked into a Bronzeville Dollar General store and could not believe what she saw: a handgun, or what looked like one, for sale behind the counter.

So, she called the company. CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports what happened next surprised her.

“It was extremely inappropriate. It made me uncomfortable,” says Cydni Polk.

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She says she stopped and stared at the new item for sale behind the Dollar General store counter on Tuesday: an authentic-looking BB gun in a box, for $15.

“I asked them how long they’d been carrying it. They didn’t know, but the cashiers were kind of shocked, too.”

The Dollar General is at 39th and Vincennes, right across the street from Polk’s job at Oakwood Shores Apartments. Polk, mother of two, goes there every day.


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