screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-8-44-38-amWhen anyone wants to sing the praises of gun-control, point them to Chicago. This ideology is an extremely failed concept. The stats prove it. This year alone the violent city has seen 700 homicides. According to FOX News, thats more than what NY & LA saw this year… combined! Let’s hope President Trump can clean up this mess soon.

When Javon Wilson, the 15-year-old grandson of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis, was shot to death in his Englewood home Friday evening, he became homicide victim No. 701 in Chicago this year.

But Wilson also falls into another statistical category that helps explain why everyone from police officers to community activists are struggling to curb the city’s cycle of violence.

The teen became the 138th Chicago resident murdered on the same block he lived on, and one of 381 people killed from injuries they suffered within 2 miles of their home address, according to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis of Cook County medical examiner’s and Chicago Police Department records.

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Chicago’s spike in violence — murders are up 54 percent compared to the same time last year, and nonfatal shootings are up 49 percent — has occurred predominantly in low-income neighborhoods on the West Side and the South Side, including Englewood, where Wilson lived.

The fact that one out of every five homicide victims were fatally wounded inside or within steps of their homes — and more than half lived within 2 miles of where they were mortally wounded — is one of many ingredients contributing to the city’s bloody year, experts say.

The close-to-home killings have a desensitizing effect on young people who grow up seeing violence as the norm, said Richard Rosenfeld, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

While the majority of Chicago’s homicide victims were killed relatively close to home, the Sun-Times also found that 182 were killed between 2 and 10 miles from home — and that 38 city residents were killed more than 10 miles from where they lived.

Fifty-nine people murdered in Chicago this year were from nearby suburbs. Nine others were from outside of Illinois, with six having lived in northwest Indiana. The other three lived in Michigan, Texas and California.

The Sun-Times analysis was based on the most recent legal address on file with the medical examiner’s office; it’s possible the victim had moved elsewhere.


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