Chick Lectures Crowd of White Women: ‘I Believe White People Are Born Into Not Being Human’ [Video]

Imagine hearing the statement you were born into ‘not being human’ because you are white, during a lecture by some chick who thinks all white people are racist.

Isn’t this the very definition of racism? Saying people are not ‘human’ because the color of their skin?

Never fear! There is a solution to combat this black chick’s logic. Use other liberal logic.

The next time someone calls you racist because you’re a white person, here is what you do: first, you ask them if they just assumed your race. Then you ask them if they also assumed your gender, because if they’re assuming your race then they for sure are assuming your gender. Finally, you proceed to inform them who you identify as.

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If you’re not feeling so creative with whom you would identify as, use this one: You’re a black, Native American with Moroccan nationality. Your name is BonQueffa DoLittle and you DO NOT appreciate their racial assumptions.

As for the gender… we will let you pick one because there are apparently more than 2 now.

Use this script and that should stop their race hate. If it doesn’t, proceed to call them bigots and misogynists. That usually works too.


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