CHILD ABUSE VIDEO: Facebook Refuses to Remove the Sickening Footage Because it ‘Does Not Breach their Rules’

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Facebook might need to reevaluate their rules.

Facebook has been slammed by child protection charities for refusing to remove a viral video showing a naked newborn baby being flung around by the head and dunked in water.

One charity representative described the harrowing footage as “the sickest video I’ve seen” – yet the social media site claims it does not violate their standards policy.

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The disgusting two-minute clip, thought to originate from Indonesia, shows a chatting woman dunking the screaming baby in a bucket of water by a woman – whose face can’t be seen – while they are being filmed by another person.

The tot screams loudly while she swings it around by its limbs.

The baby’s arms are then pulled even higher, with the adult holding them in one hand, while she swings the infany round and round, its head repeatedly flopping side to side.

She then hangs it upside down high in the air by its legs, and swings it by the head by holding its cheeks.

Chillingly, the baby then falls silent, prompting fears it has suffered serious harm during the horrific torment.

The video – which has been shared thousands of times around the world – was reported to Facebook staff in the UK on the grounds of both ‘graphic violence’ and then ‘nudity’.

But, shockingly, moderators at the social network said the clip had been reviewed but did not violate their standards policy.

Child abuse charities have condemned Facebook and called for them to remove the clip and said it could even trigger strong emotional reactions from abuse victims.

Gabrielle Shaw, CEO for the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: “It is actually staggering that it does not breach the terms of Facebook.

“We are of course aware of free speech but surely this is an image of shocking abuse and we would look to Facebook to at the very least take this down and investigate.

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