CHILD RAPE SURVIVOR: Confronts Her Attacker in Court, What Judge Did Next is EPIC

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.12.12 AMThat took a lot of courage for this girl to confront her demented attacker the way she did.

A brave 13-year-old victim of sexual assault demanded to speak at the sentencing of the man who raped her.

The victim was just ten years old when Tobias Summers sneaked into her Los Angeles bedroom and kidnapped her at knifepoint, repeatedly raping her before letting her go and fleeing to Mexico.

Summers, 34, was found guilty of 32 charges, which included sexual assault, kidnapping and burglary, at his trial last month.

At the sentencing hearing last week, the courageous victim demanded the opportunity to speak and appealed to the judge to send Summers away for life so he could never again carry out such a heinous crime.

‘So I hope he goes away forever and even after that so he can never get out.’ 

 On Thursday, Summers was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The victim’s father said he could not express how proud he was of his daughter for having the courage to speak at the trial.

He told the judge at the sentencing hearing: ‘I can’t understate the profound impact of what this monster has done.

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