FOR THE CHILDREN: Oklahoma Opposes Hyper Sensitive, Anti-Toy Gun, Zero-Tolerance Policy

toy gunOklahoma is finally taking steps to protect kids in schools from the hysterics of uninformed, uneducated, ignorant adults. Legislators have introduced a bill that would do away with zero-tolerance policies in schools. Oklahoma’s bill is called the “Common Sense Zero-Tolerance Act” and if passed, will help stop school personnel from punishing kids from acting like – well, kids.

I have read several articles about the bill but wanted to see the bill itself because I want to make sure I’m not reading someone else’s interpretation, so here are direct quotes from what I feel are the important parts from the bill:

“No school district, school administrator, teacher or other school employee shall punish, humiliate, intimidate, be condescending to, or bully a student, including suspension of the student…”

I particularly like the part where they added that not only would the adults not be able to punish the child in the “typical” fashion but that it also includes prohibiting them from bullying or trying to humiliate them. I myself have seen that happen in schools.

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So here are the direct quotes of the things a child cannot be punished for:

“1. Brandishing a pastry or other food which is partially consumed in such a way that the remnant resembles a weapon;

2. Possession of a toy weapon which is five (5) inches or less;

3. Possession of a toy weapon made of plastic or wood snap-together building blocks;

4. Using a finger or hand to simulate a weapon;

5. Vocalizing imaginary firearms or munitions;

6. Wearing articles of clothing or accessories that support or advance Second Amendment rights or organizations. If a school requires students to wear uniforms, the provisions of this paragraph shall not be interpreted to supersede the uniform policy of the school;

7. Drawing a picture of, creating or possessing an image of, a firearm, military vehicle, aircraft or weapon or any object that supports Second Amendment rights or Constitutional freedoms; or

8. Using a pencil, pen or other writing utensil to simulate a weapon.”

Comments I have read that oppose the bill say that it takes away from local control and authority. That’s right, and it should. It should not depend on where the school is located or who it is staffed by (for example, a boatload of liberals). Children should not be punished for acting like children in ANY school district.

One commenter bemoaned that it didn’t allow local common sense responses. Well, if we had actually SEEN or HEARD of any common sense responses, and not stupid responses like the pop-tart incident, there would be no need for this law. But there is.

School is like a prison for kids, especially boys, and we wonder why there is such an education gap, an achievement gap. They HAVE to go to school, there are not options for other schools or private schools in many areas. They get punished for everything, and they’re supposed to WANT to go there every day? Would you ever stay in a job where you were punished or bullied or humiliated every single day? No, only people in prison have to put up with that. Our kids certainly don’t deserve to spend 13 years living that way.

Awhile back I wrote about how early childhood programs are used to brainwash our kids and that it was time we started fighting back against the cultural disrespect. When I contacted my own legislator about this issue he didn’t want to take it on because it’s “such a sensitive issue.” I was very disappointed to find out my newly elected Republican representative was so gutless. No wonder Washington is so overrun with liberal politics.

It’s been obvious that the attacks on our children for simply acting like children will not stop without a law forcing them to. Parents shouldn’t have to hope their child’s story ends up on the news so that everyone will call or write their school about how ridiculous a child’s punishment was in order to make it right.

We all have our own stories about this kind of thing and if our stories didn’t make news, how many others are there out there suffering from the hysterical reactions of a bunch of people who know nothing about guns? What’s even scarier is that even though they work with kids they show they have absolutely no knowledge of normal child development!

I like this bill, I think it’s high time someone had the guts to do it. I can’t help out in Oklahoma since I’m not a resident but I encourage Oklahomans to get out and support this bill. Let’s start the ball rolling, get this one passed and then get it passed in all 50 states. Do it for the children…


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