China Deals Major Blow to North Korea — Shuts Down All Their…

China has finally stepped up to the plate in the conflict between North Korea and… the rest of the world.

Thursday, the Chinese government issued a statement saying they’re going to comply with the US-led sanctions — enforced by the UN — which will force the closure of all North Korean businesses throughout China.

This will be set up within the next 120 days.

Via Hannity: According to ABC News, the new policies from Beijing will effectively suffocate the North Korean economy; severely limiting the hermit kingdom’s ability to import food, fuel, and other necessities. 

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The measure also applies to companies partially owned by North Korean entities.

The tough UN sanctions were adopted after North Korea continued to expand its illegal weapons programs; conducting a successful hydrogen bomb test and launching a medium-range ballistic missile over Japanese territory.

Trump pointedly addressed Kim Jong-un during his United Nations General Assembly, stating the U.S. was ready to ‘totally destroy’ the rogue nation, should they continue with their hostile actions.

After those comments, the North Korean Foreign Minister called the president’s comments a “declaration of war” and would be prepared to shoot down US aircraft; whether they were operating in NK air or internationally sanctioned airspace.

China is North Korea’s largest trading partner and military ally, and supplies most of the communist nation’s energy supplies, textiles, and food aid. Beijing announced it will severely cut gas and refined oil shipments to North Korea starting January 1st. 


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