‘Choking Girls Around The World’: ‘Pick-Up’ Coach Julien Blanc Banned Overseas for Promoting Violent Tactics to Get Girls

If any guy used that choking “method” on me, they’d end up with unconscious several broke appendages. I’m starting a campaign against this guy’s “choking girls around the world”; it’s called “kick the sh*t out of any loser who tries to choke you”. Who’s with me?

A controversial ‘pick-up’ coach from California was recently banned in Australia, and other nations overseas are considering similar action due to concerns over his teachings that involve crude and violent tactics used to prey on women for sexual purposes.

“It’s offensive, it’s inappropriate, it’s emotionally scarring, but it’s [expletive] effective,” co-founder Julien Blanc writes on his website for his company Real Social Dynamics.

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His teachings, which include online instruction videos and live seminars, claim to help males “develop panty-dropping masculinity” and learn how to “make girls beg to sleep with you.” Blanc’s followers pay as much as $3,000 to attend his seminars.

One of his tactics reportedly includes what is dubbed “the choke opener,” where men approach a woman and place their hand around their throat. Blanc recently posted photos of himself on Twitter demonstrating the approach with the hashtag “choking girls around the world.”

“At least in Tokyo, if you’re a white male, you can do what you want,” he remarks in one teaching video, which included instruction on other unspeakable tactics that were sexually graphic in nature.

Blanc recorded himself demonstrating the tactic on the streets, an act that outraged one viewer so much that she decided to launch a campaign to encourage hosts to cancel his seminars.

“I couldn’t believe this guy was videotaping himself assaulting women and getting away with it,” said Jennifer Li, who started an online petition over the matter. “I don’t want them to have the space where they can teach men to harass other women.”

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