CHRIST CHRISTIE ENDORSES TRUMP: What Each Side Gets in this Alliance

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.16.35 PMDo you think Trump is going to ask Christie to be his VP?

Gov. Chris Christie’s announcement on Friday that he was endorsingDonald J. Trump startled the political world. But every political marriage involves a bit of calculation, and in this case, each man has much to gain from the alliance.

What Mr. Christie Gains


There is nothing more painful or humbling for a presidential candidate than returning to an old, humdrum job. The phone doesn’t ring. The lights are not so bright.

Now Mr. Christie is back where he wants to be — in the headlines, shaking up a political story, newly enlisted to campaign across the country and soon to be overwhelmed with news media requests. Look for him to become a regular again on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and to forget, for now, about New Jersey’s credit rating downgrades.


It is difficult to overstate how angry Mr. Christie remains about the party’s embrace of Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, whom the governor regards as an unqualified lightweight.

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