Christianity As A Defensive Strategy

swordThe progressive portion of the nation is a twisted remake of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.  Black urban voters, California soccer moms with hispanic nannies, and an overwhelming amount of public school educated youth populate the bottom of the megacity, operating the gears that fuel the upper layers.

Then come the special interest groups like PETA and Code Pink.  Right above them we have the elitists that are turning the United States into a police state.

We weather storm after storm hoping the nation will recapture its original vision, but the educational systems in nearly all of our schools are manufacturing indifference at a record pace.

Even so, conservatives still need to learn to communicate their ideas to this generation.  We need a new way of thinking, a new methodology.

How do we actually move back to America’s first principles?  Progressive agendas are increasingly attractive to each new generation.

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America’s youth are radical, but they have nothing to believe in, and Hollywood has poisoned them specifically against any ideas conservatives put forth.  We have been polarized and have contributed to our own polarization because we are nearly ready for a revolution.

If anything can be done to reform this nation, it will require an awakening.  It will need to come through an intermediary.

Ask yourself why we have young people who had such hopes and dreams of our nation, would become Islamic terrorists.  Ask yourself why an American girl would seek to date such a person.

American youth are radical.  Every generation has their characteristics.  Our children today are looking for absolute beliefs.

It is a poor assumption to believe that things in this nation will improve if we are still producing young pre-teen black boys that are so hardened that they can just be turned into a child soldier on the streets of Chicago.

Our youth are radical.  They must have an absolute belief.  Everyone is asking for the solution while half of us are siding with many liberal talking points like gay marriage and abortion.

Our youth are radical.  They will take an impassioned idea then fight, fuss, commit, and defend.  No, they don’t have a great work ethic, but they think.  They constantly think.  They need something absolute to believe in.

They need to be the next wave of Christians.  We are trying to conserve principles and values that spawned from the Christian world, yet most of the time we forget about the fact that Christianity is a defensive strategy we can employ.  Let the youth, this generation, be Christians.

Support local youth pastors and churches that are doing youth outreach.  Send your troubled son to the youth group at church.  I suppose I am biased.  I have the pleasure of working with two college interns from Indiana this summer.

They are compassionate and motivated young men.  Someone came along and filled them with an impassioned Christian message and now they are here in Mississippi trying to mentor inner city children.

This untapped potential in much of America’s youth is our secret weapon.  We cannot be afraid to use Christianity defensively.


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