Classmate of Santa Fe Shooter: Picked on by School Coaches, Wore Trench Coat Everyday

After the shooting that took place on Friday at Santa Fe High School, in Texas, one student revealed the suspect in question would wear a trench coat every day, even during the 90+ degree weather, and was often picked on by the P.E. coaches.

One student, who remained anonymous, was interviewed by a local news reporter who asked what he knew of Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

He said Pagourtzis has “been picked on by coaches before for smelling bad and stuff like that and he doesn’t really talk to very many people. He wears a trench coat every day and it’s like 90 degrees out here.”

“I heard that he wore a shirt today and it said ‘born to kill,’ the shirt he was wearing, I don’t even know how the school can allow that,” the student went on.

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Then the journalist asked the student what he thought about the school’s handling of the active shooter situation and if it was appropriate protocol.

“No, they pulled the fire alarm and got everyone in one position, that’s not smart,” the student replied. “They should have done the right thing and left the people in the classrooms.”

Attempting to bait the kid into a gun control statement, the reporter then asked what he thought about the “the state of America today.”

He replied that this was the fault of coaches bullying him, saying, “I think it’s stupid, the coaches can’t talk to students like that and make fun of them. That’s their fault, and strictly their fault. Not the kid’s fault, but their fault, no one has talked to him or tried to be nice to him.”


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