CLASSY: Madonna’s Tequila Induced Meltdown, Begs ‘Someone Please F**k Me’ to Fans

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.26.37 AMMadonna’s second meltdown on stage is clearly due to her custody loss of son Rocco. Clearly, the judge made the right choice in this custody battle. She might need to take a hiatus from touring.

Swigging tequila from a fan’s hip flask, Madonna suffered another onstage meltdown yesterday as she branded ex-husband Guy Ritchie a ‘son of a b***h’ and begged ‘someone please f*** me’.

The 57-year-old singer, locked in a bitter custody dispute with Guy over their son Rocco, couldn’t contain her emotions during a second mumbling show in Melbourne, Australia.

Her ‘chaotic’ appearance at the Rod Laver Arena included an emotional plea to the crowd, begging, ‘Somebody take care of me please. Who is going to take care of me?’

After falling off a tricycle, she told her fans she had ‘messed up’ her songs, before joking: ‘You would think it was in my DNA,’ according to The Sun.

Madonna seemed visibly affected by Rocco’s decision to live with his father Guy in London.

She reportedly said: ‘If I have learnt one thing in my life, it’s just to go with it. If you just laugh it doesn’t hurt as much.’

The Living For Love singer went on to dedicate a song to estranged son Rocco, 15, whose childhood photo was once again projected on stage.

A source told The Sun: ‘Being cut out of Rocco’s life has hit Madonna hard and it’s clear she blames Guy.’

MailOnline has contacted a representative for the star for comment.

Last week Madonna’s representatives told a High Court judge in London that she wants to ‘heal the wounds’ in her dispute with Guy Ritchie over the future of their son Rocco.

Mr Justice MacDonald has been listening to submissions during private hearings in the Family Division of the court as the bitter custody battled continues.

Rocco was at the hearing on Friday – but not Madonna or Mr Ritchie. All three are represented by separate legal teams.

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