Classy Move: ‘Jared & The Mill’ Perform Private Concert to SXSW Crash Victim

AUSTIN, Texas — Mason Endres hugs a plush toy and closes her eyes Saturday in a hospital bed, days after an intoxicated driver crashed through barricades and struck her and others while fleeing police during South by Southwest.

The bruised and broken 18-year-old hears music that isn’t coming from a radio, television or laptop. It’s live from her bedside courtesy of Jared & The Mill — one of her favorite bands.

She requests “Just for Now,” a ballad with emotional lyrics: “But for the record, you reminded me, reminded me that I’m not here alone …

The Phoenix-based band, in Austin for SXSW, visited Endres at St. David’s Medical Center to give her a private concert, since she couldn’t physically attend the band’s SXSW show on Friday. She’s recovering from a broken nose and leg as well as a fractured neck.

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“We played the songs she wanted to hear,” the band’s singer, Jared Kolesar, 23, told Mashable. “  It was a very heavy feeling in the room because of everything she has been through — heavy and inspiring. Her parents were really emotional. She’s just as much our friend as she is our fan. ”

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