Clinton Advisor Claims Media Worked AGAINST Hillary — WATCH Tucker’s Priceless Reply

We can all agree the media is no fan of Trump. And they let everyone know that. Never have they pushed so hard for someone to lose.

And pushed for Hillary to win!

Even with the media behind her, however, it was not enough to pull off a victory.

Maybe she couldn’t pull off the win because she had idiots like Peter Daou on her team.

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He believes the media was against Hillary. More against her than they were Trump.

Daou said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”:

“Both candidates got very bad press. Candidate Trump got terrible press, and Hillary Clinton got very bad press.”

Daou argued, however, that the media reported on Clinton’s server scandal and the damning emails that were leaked by WikiLeaks far more than any negative Trump story.

“The email story dominated coverage from the very beginning,” Daou said, citing a study that found Clinton’s emails were covered six times more than her policies. “She made a mistake, and she apologized for it.”

Fox News Insider

He even suggested the media should APOLOGIZE to Hillary!

First off, the media was VERY good to Hillary. She was the most MIA candidate ever. When that happens, there isn’t a whole lot to report on. So the media focused on the “bad” things Trump was doing.

If Hillary wanted to seem likable, the media was giving her every opportunity under the sun to do so!

So glad Tucker put this moron in his place!


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