‘CLINTON CASH’: New Documentary Exposes How Clintons Got Filthy Rich [VIDEO]

Dirty money or just hard workers? This new documentary exposes exactly how the Clintons went from ‘dirt broke’ to filthy rich. Check it out.

Donald Trump as a net worth of nearly $10 billion thanks to his many business deals over the years. But despite living life as public servants,Bill and Hillary Clinton have somehow managed to rack up a jaw-dropping net worth of $150 million. A new documentary, Clinton Cash, reveals just how they did it.

Based on a 2015 book by Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash, explores how the Clintons climbed from “dead broke” in 2001, to filthy rich today.

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The film exposes how the Clintons demand six-figure speaking fees and amass huge sums donated to their foundation. It also suggests that the Clintons “sold out” to questionable characters, including dictators, financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and TD Bank, and titans of industry.


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