Clinton Caught BREAKING THE LAW… Things are About to Get Messy

The Clintons have no idea how to not break the law. Do we really want them back in the White House?

Hillary Clinton once again brazenly violated New York State election laws by campaigning within 100 feet of a polling place.

A Reuters video (unembeddable but check it out here) shows Hillary and Bill Clinton greeting voters outside their polling precinct and posing for photos inside the building.

The law clearly states that candidates cannot engage in electioneering or display any political signs in the vicinity of a polling station.

NY Election Law on electioneering: While the polls are open no person shall do any electioneering within the polling place, or in any public street, within a one hundred foot radial measured from the entrances designated by the inspectors of election, to such polling place or within such distance in any place in a public manner; and no political banner, button, poster or placard shall be allowed in or upon the polling place or within such one hundred foot radial. (N.Y. Election Law § 8-104(1))

“Campaign signs and stickers are clearly visible,” notes Kyle Olsen.


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