Is the Clinton Foundation About to Get DE-FUNDED? Over Half of Donors Will Be Illegal if…

Hillary has a choice to make, White House or Clinton Foundation? With a new law coming into effect, if she is sitting president, her donors will become illegal. We are talking about the Clintons here though. They don’t exactly follow the ‘Rule of Law’.

Over half of the Clinton Foundation’s donors would be ineligible to donate money to the foundation under new guidelines that would bar foreign and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president, according to a new analysis by The Washington Post.

The Post’s analysis found that “53 percent of donors who gave $1 million or more to the charity are corporations or foreign citizens, groups or governments.”

Some of the major donors on The Post’s list include “the governments of Saudi Arabia and Australia, the British bank Barclays, and major U.S. companies such as Coca-Cola and ExxonMobil.”

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Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and author of Clinton Cash Peter Schweizer notes that Hillary Clinton has “yet to release the names of the 1,100 foreign Clinton Foundation donors that both Bloomberg and the Washington Post confirm remain secret.”


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