CNN Boss Man Claims People Come to Network for FACTS — Uuuummmm…


You read that correctly.

CNN’s main man Jeff Zucker says that his network is the purveyor of FACTS.

More like “facts” made from their fake sources to support their narratives.

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Via Down Trend: Earlier this week a terrorist detonated a suicide bomb and killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

You don’t have to be a seasoned reporter or Ivy League educated journalist to understand that a terrorist bombing that killed mostly young people and children is a big news story.

While this was breaking, CNN chose to air a panel discussion about how President Trump should be impeached for firing FBI director James Comey. I’m not kidding, this is what CNN thought was more important than an ISIS attack on innocent people with mass casualties.

Even Mediate, which is normally pretty liberal, thought it was a little partisan to keep slamming Trump rather than cover a major news story. They reached out to CNN head Jeff Zucker to get his response on this.

“We’re not in a race to be first. We’re in a race to be right. CNN is held to a different standard than other cable networks that focus primarily on opinion. People come to us for facts, and there is no room for error with facts,” said Zucker.


What’s so funny about this statement is he believes it to be true!

This man’s sh*t must smell like roses to him.

If you live in liberal la la land, then maaayybe CNN comes off as factual. But for the rest of the world they can see the liberal bullsh*t spewing out of every reporters mouth. Not to mention their unprofessionalism…

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…these are just some examples of their hideous crimes against journalism.

Shit like this, which is a regular feature on CNN, is the exact opposite of bias-free hard news. Not only doesn’t Zucker know anything about viewers or the truth, he has no idea what actually constitutes news.

The only thing Zucker said that was remotely grounded in reality is that CNN is held to a different standard than other news networks.

He’s kind of right about that because other news outlets try to stick to things that are true and newsworthy. He’s kind wrong because besides Fox News, none of the other networks practice this.

Thanks for the good laugh Zucker, we kind of needed it.


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