CNN GUEST: Islamic State Wants to Create ‘Anti-Muslim Sentiment. Let’s Not Fall Into Their Trap.’ [WATCH]

Are you buying this load of bull? He starts talking at 1:12.

HAMID: We have to remember that the point of terrorism is to provoke target populations to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. ISIS wants to create rifts in civilization … It wants to alienate French Muslims to say, “look, France is against you. They’re against refugees. Europe is turning to the far-right.” We have to be very careful about this kind of us vs. them rhetoric. There’s perhaps one refugee that was a part of this out of hundreds of thousands. That’s kind of a collective punishment if you’re going to say, “well we’re going to stop all refugees from coming in because of one person –” ISIS is trying to exploit refugees to create this anti-Muslim sentiment, anti-refugee sentiment — let’s not fall into their trap. 



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