CNN Pedals Susan Rice Scandal as ‘FAKE NEWS’ — Are You Calling BS on This?

The CorruptNewsNetwork knows no limits. The latest? CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is calling the most recent news on Susan Rice “a fake scandal.”

We don’t think this guy can see if something is fake or not, even if it’s right under his nose.

After seeing this interview, you know we are right about this. Check it out!

“Allright, President Trump, right-wing media types peddling a fake scandal.

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“What is it? Well, This suggestion that former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice improperly unmasked the identity of Trump associates is part of what the president calls a crooked scheme. An associate of Rice says it’s just plain false.

“Joining us now is Democratic Congressman Jim Himes, he serves on the House Intel Committee, something that has also been accused of being a ‘crooked scheme’ because of what happened with Devin Nunes.”

Very unbiased we see…

This made a lot of people angry, as you can imagine. And these tweets sum up our feelings pretty well.


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