CNN: Tactics Against Carly Fiorina Expose the ‘Real War on Women’

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.31.16 AMLadies, liberals are not your friends.

The GOP is set to hold nine debates for the primary season alone. That’s one debate per month of every single GOP candidate on stage trying to speak over the clamor.

Every candidate that makes the cut, anyway. Compared to a small handful of democratic candidates, the GOP contender list looks more like a wedding guest roster, complete with difficult decisions about who shouldn’t sit next to whom at dinner.

It makes sense then, that news outlets are only allowing front runners to participate in debates. And FOX News, of course, was kind enough to allow the JV team to have their own kids-table debate.

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But there’s a major flaw with this strategy: it eliminates the possibility of dark horses. One such dark horse is being kept from the competition, and the reasons are despicable. Do you know whom I am talking about?

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