CNN Tries to Get Syrian Survivor to BASH Trump, What Happened Instead is HILARIOUS

CNN thought they were going to have another Trump hating guest on their show. Little did they know, they had invited someone who had quite the opposite in mind.

The man, Kassem Eid, survived a 2013 chemical attack in Syria.

CNN anchor Brook Baldwin had him on the air following President Trump’s airstrikes against President Bashar al-Assad’s government after another chemical attack this week on civilians, to include children.

He had a message for Trump. And he said it directly to him on a network that can’t stand the president.

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If Baldwin’s sour face didn’t already tell the whole story, once you hear what Eid said, you’ll realize why she was not happy.

And why you will be cheering!

“What you did was amazing, what you did was a powerful message of hope for a lot of people inside and outside of Syria.”

Meanwhile, sour-puss Baldwin is desperately trying to break away.

And it gets better!

Eid ripped on CNN, Hillary Clinton, and pretty much anyone who supported her for refusing to support Trump’s travel ban.

“I didn’t see you three days ago when people were gassed to death, when civilians were gassed to death. I didn’t see you in 2013 when 1,400 people were gassed to death. I didn’t see you raising your voice against President [Barack] Obama’s inaction in Syria that led us refugees… that made us refugees get kicked out of Syria.”

Oh my gosh, this man is AWESOME!

And he made it very clear to the liberals that Syrians want to stay in their country.

“If you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please, help us stay in our — in our country. We don’t want to come to the United States. We want to stay in our country, with all due respect.

“This is hypocrisy. If you really care, if you really care, help us stay in our country. We don’t want to become refugees. We want to stay in our country. Help us establish safe zones.”

Now you’ve heard what Syrians actually want. What they actually think. And it’s not what liberals have been telling you.

It’s time to get the word out.

Because you know CNN is kicking themselves for this interview right now. They won’t be doing much promotion for it.

That’s where we come in!


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