CNN’s “Sources” Say Comey Feels Trump Tried to Influence Him on…

James Comey will testify publicly before the Senate intelligence committee after Memorial Day.

And at the center of it all will be whether or not Comey believed that Trump was trying to interfere with his investigation.

Now, CNN is reporting that the former FBI Director believes the President was trying to influence his judgment about the Russia probe. This is coming from one of their sources.

The source did say that whether the influence was an obstruction of justice remains an open question.

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“You have to have intent in order to obstruct justice in the criminal sense. Intent is hard to prove,” the source said.

At a news conference Thursday, Trump angrily denied that he had asked Comey to end the investigation, which is now in the hands of new special counsel Robert Mueller. The President blasted the probe into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election and possible collusion with his campaign as a “witch hunt.”

Comey’s view of Trump’s intent in their conversations is nuanced, sources say. He initially believed that he could school the new President and White House in what was appropriate during their communications.

But after his firing, the question of Trump’s intent could become more problematic, one source said. Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt in an interview that he was thinking “of the Russia thing” when he dismissed Comey.

Sources say Comey had reached no conclusion about the President’s intent before he was fired. But Comey did immediately recognize that the new President was not following normal protocols during their interactions.

As The New York Times has reported, after numerous encounters with the administration, Comey felt he had to set the parameters of appropriate protocol very clearly. After the President asked Comey to let it be known publicly he was not under investigation, Comey told the President that if he wanted to know details about the bureau’s work he should ask the White House counsel to communicate with the the Justice Department, according to the Times.


CNN has come under fire for the news they report; people questioning the credibility of their sources.

Recently Former U.S. Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, spoke up about his concerns with the “sources”. What happened next was something no one really expected.

Higbie asked legitimate questions. Brought up valid concerns. Yet, CNN FLIPPED OUT on him.

Something isn’t right there. What do you think of CNN’s sources?


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