‘Code Red’: Multiple Deputies Down

A breaking news alert has rocked America this New Year’s Eve morning with reports of multiple officers down in an affluent suburban county, just outside of Denver, Colorado.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office tweeted “multiple deputies down” and it is still an active situation. People living in the area have been given the alert to steer clear.

One tweet reported there was “an officer down call in the area of County Line Rd between Colorado Blvd and University Blvd.”

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released a “Code Red” warning early in the morning, 7:15am local time, telling residents to avoid windows and seek shelter.

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This is a developing story, so there are no details as to how many deputies were shot or who the shooter is and what was the motive. Check back with us to see the developing details…


Via the Daily MailThe deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance call around 5.15am Sunday at the Copper Canyon Apartments on the 3400 block County Line Road between Colorado and University Boulevards.

It was during the investigation that shots were fired and several deputies were injured. 

A source in the sheriff’s office told KKTV that the situation is ‘not looking good for us’ as deputies were shot at.

Denver7‘s Meghan Lopez arrived on scene and reported hearing gunshots ring out in the distance. She also noted several roads were closed in the area due to the police response and that at least eight ambulances were at the scene. 

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