Cognitive Dissonance, Liberal Style: Why the Political Left OUGHT to Support the 2nd Amendment

libsLast evening as I shared a few drinks with a good, but slightly left of Stalin, friend of mine we chatted about our belief systems and the very issues that define liberalism, conservatism, and libertarianism. As we hashed out the issues and continued the tug of war on such topics as taxation and the role of government we ultimately landed on the 2nd Amendment, a right to which he does not believe Americans ought to have. The conversation inspired me to delve into the wide variety of reasons why the political left OUGHT to support the 2nd Amendment even more than conservatives in the United States:

1.)    The left claims to have a monopoly on representing both minorities and the disenfranchised. They claim to represent ‘the little guy’ and universally espouse any attempt to identify with classical American values. However the intellectuals and enlightened liberals have all too forgotten who gets trod on first when fascist governments take over—the ethnic, ideological or religious minorities. And lest we forget, disarmament is usually the first move in making this a delectable reality for over zealous, racist governments.

2.)    The idea of self ownership apparently goes only so far. Almost ever liberal I encounter argues vehemently in favor of legalizing drugs (from Marijuana, to various synthetics) and while the libertarian in me agrees, I have to play devils advocate for just a moment and ask why does self ownership not extend to self preservation in the face of evil? Also, it appears that despite drugs being illegal, people still get access to them…how is that working out?

3.)    Liberals believe in society where lifestyle choices go unquestioned—until we get to intellectual choices. You are free to choose any path as long as it is congruent with liberal ideology, and somewhere along the line liberals decided to be anti gun. Therefore, if you are an unmarried, unemployed mother of 12 on welfare living with your two girlfriends you ought to never be questioned by government—until you acquire a concealed carry permit to defend them.

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4.)    Finally, liberals don’t trust corporations and often view them as exploiting entities and yet by the same token they want an even LARGER federal government that FORCES compliance rather than offers a CHOICE of a product or service. The liberals that have entrusted the government to relegate and regulate your firearm choices, seem to either not care or not WANT to care about the BILLION rounds of ammunition the Department of Homeland Security just purchased. And again I ask, what happens when the ideology of government shifts and stands against you?

5.)    “No one needs an AR or a 30 round magazine”. No one NEEDS an interracial marriage, no one NEEDS the right to produce a controversial novel, no one NEEDS to own property (see the trend here…). The government does not get to pick and choose your rights and quite frankly it is a very slippery slope that we even have these kinds of debates. A 30 round magazine in the hands of a woman being sexually assaulted by a group may not be enough, but one round in the chamber of a gun held by a criminal is one too many…

Ultimately, the conversation among friends ended with a change of subject but it reminded me of the very real need to educate Americans, even the political left as to why the 2nd Amendment insures that we have the 1st, 4th, 5th and all our other guaranteed rights. Needless to say, as a sovereign American citizen you never have to ask your President, Congress, or Supreme Court permission to live freely.


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