College Chick Starts Epic Gun-Rights Trend After Leftists Freak Over Her Graduation Picture

University of Tennessee senior Brenna Spencer, 22, has given the left a mini-heart attack by posing with a gun for her graduation photo. To add more salt to the wound she wore a “Trump for Women” T-shirt while pushing her pro-gun agenda.

Spencer posed for the photo outside Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, telling ABC News  she wanted her graduation picture to “show who I am as a person.”

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Of course the Left showed all their ugly with some nasty responses. She responded by saying,“I did think that it would get a little attention but not to this degree. It was really, really surprising to see the amount of hate that I got,” adding, “I try to stay off the comments, to be honest. I just know that I got a lot of hate.”

Due to the controversy, several people tried to claim Spencer broke the law by carrying an unconcealed weapon at the museum. However, Spencer proved that the photo was taken outside the museum and never went through museum security, stating to ABC, “I know the Tennessee state gun codes.”

ABC News reported, “The Chattanooga Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment,” which might be implying the network reported Spencer to the police. Learning this, Washington Examiner contributor Alana Mastrangelo was promoted to post a similar photo in Cleveland, showing solidarity to the cause.

Many second amendment supporters are excited this might be a trend now:


My Rights Don’t End Where Your Feelings Begin T-shirt


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