College President Tells Off Black Lives Matter in Most EPIC Rant

Some people will bend over backwards to meet the demands of college students. Because students need their safe, little bubble.Well, if you go to the College of William & Mary in Virginia, president W. Taylor Reveley III doesn’t have time for your demands.

When a group of Black Lives Matter students brought their demand to a livestreamed meeting, Reveley gave them a straight answer:

I don’t deal in demands. I don’t make demands of other people. I don’t expect to receive demands from people. I love to get suggestions, recommendations, strong arguments. … When you approach other people with a demand, instead of their ears opening and their spirit being unusually receptive,  you get defensive walls erected. So I think you all need to think about it.

One student patronized, “The suggestion thing. Interesting point. But I’m going to disagree.”

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And Reveley had a come back, “That is the beauty of the First Amendment.”

The students weren’t giving up, though. They kept complaining and demanding. Reveley dished them some hard truth, “No, no, no, that’s not the way the world works. It is not effective, in my opinion, to approach other people and say ‘we demand’ unless you have the capacity to demand.”

But here is the kicker. One student demanded, “We are students, and we pay tuition to be here. That is the reason why we are able to write these demands.” Another echoed, “So you have an issue with the way that we are phrasing this? … I think you’re missing the point … We’ve tried to be nice … It’s not working. So, if you don’t want to have issues on this campus that are affecting students of color, then you have to listen to students of color when they tell you this is what needs to happen …”

Reveley, irritated, pointed out, “I got color, too, I’m white.”

Wow! Now this didn’t go over well with the students at all! Some took to Facebook to moan about the president. One girls wrote he “is not a benevolent grandpa, he is a man with an agenda that excludes students of color. Call it what it is.”

What do you think of Reveley’s arguments? Are they valid?

H/T: The Daily Wire


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