COLLEGE STUDENTS WITH BRAINS: Campus Carry Proponents Hold ‘No More Sitting Ducks’ Demonstration

gunWhen there are laws that don’t allow you to carry, those are laws that put your life in danger. These students know this. And they want that changed. Right now, Ohio State students want campus carry. They don’t want to be “sitting ducks” anymore.

Individuals openly carrying handguns recently organized and gathered for a “No More Sitting Ducks” demonstration to demand campus carry at Ohio State University.

The demonstration came in the wake of the November 28 car and knife attack on the OSU campus, and it puts more pressure on Governor John Kasich (R), who is now weighing whether to sign the state’s recently passed campus carry legislation.

According to the Lantern, Merrill Kaplan, “a professor in the English and Germanic departments” who said the armed demonstrators made her “feel unsafe,” opposed the pro-campus carry demonstration. Kaplan said:

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One of my nightmare scenarios is that an attacker bursts into my classroom, with a weapon, and that students leap to their feet and there’s crossfire, and there are several people who [are] armed, who are not law enforcement, who make the situation more complicated, with more lead in the air. The chances of that happening go up when there are people in that room who have guns.


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