College Students HATE Trump’s Policies…Only They’re Not Donald’s

You know, a lot of videos like this have been made. You would think by now people would shut up and think before they talk, before they just take the “reporter’s” word for it. Just think about the questions and the information.

But we are on a college campus, and who does that?

And journalists from Campus Reform take full advantage of that.

They recently went out and asked students at George Mason University what they thought of Trump’s first 100 days. Obviously, there were not many Trump supporters (again, we are on a college campus).

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Then students were asked what they thought of certain actions that the President did during his first days.

Except, they were asked about actions Obama did in his first 100 days, not Trump’s.

Surprise, surprise, students HATED what “Trump” did.

When asked about Obama’s $700 billion stimulus package, one student said it was “really reminiscent” of Nazi Germany. I mean why not? Everything Trump does reminds these brainwashed sheep of Nazi Germany, unless of course it’s actually Obama’s policies. Hah!

Another mental midget said of Obama’s stimulus package, “Knowing that Donald Trump is the one proposing it probably means that there’s some turd in the punchbowl somewhere”.

The Gateway Pundit

Oh, and student’s hated Obama’s executive order to loosen statute of limitation laws to make lawsuits easier. Trump is just using this as a scheme to make money for himself, they said.

And there were many more “gems” in the video. Check it out.

Yeah, these are the bright minds of our future…

We hope for everyone’s sake that they grow up…and fast.


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