COLOGNE: Ticked Off Protesters Hit the Streets After NYE’s Migrant Sex Attacks

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 8.49.56 AMThey have one person to blame for all their issues and that is Angela Merkel.

Around 1,000 men of “North African and Arabic” appearance formed gangs to rob, rape and assault women in the German town.

Members of far-right group PEGIDA were among those who took to the streets of the German city to march against the attacks and also express outrage at an alleged cover-up by police and media organisations over the involvement of migrants.

Police were said to have turned the water cannon on members of the right-wing group after a stand-off with officers threatened to boil over.

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Two people were injured in the clashes and police made a number of arrests.

It came after protesters, chanting “Merkel must go” were said to have thrown beer bottles at officers.

The angry scenes come as German chancellor Angela Merkel, whose policies have seen over a million immigrants taken in by the country, has urged for refugees who commit crimes to lose their rights to asylum.

The leader’s comments are seen as an attempt to quell growing anger at the sex attacks, which also occurred in a number of other parts of the country.

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