Colorado Democrat: Buddy System and Judo Instead of Guns

Representative Paul Rosenthal states at the gun debate in Colorado on Feb. 15th that,

“Another point that was brought up a gun is the only method a person has in self defense. There are other methods. There’s mace, a taser, the buddy system… other methods of self defense, judo, what have you.”

Finally, there is something a democrat has stated that I don’t entirely disagree with. As many of my followers know, I promote all forms of self-defense. The more prepared you are for an attack the better; which brings me to my next point. No government should determine what forms of self-defense are best for us. Even more so, they shouldn’t be allowed to take away our most effective tool (which is a gun) for self-defense.

…oh wait, they can’t. It’s call the second amendment.

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