Colorado House Passes Gun Control Bills in Close Vote

COA group of four gun control bills passed in the Colorado State House on Monday by very close votes. According to the Denver Post, HB 1228 passed by just one vote at 33-32. The bill would cost gun buyers an estimated $5-$12 for every state background check. Another bill, HB1224, also passed in the house at 34-32.  This bill restricts the maximum capacity of firearm magazines to 15 rounds, a move that is highly opposed by Colorado gun rights advocates and parts manufacturers such as Magpul.

Magpul had previously stated that if HB 1224 passes, the company will be moving out of state.

“We’ve already got plans in place to get PMAG manufacturing moved rapidly, and the rest of the company will follow,” says a post by Magpul on their Facebook wall. “We will make sure to at least have a small remain-behind operation through the 2014 elections so that we can remind folks why we are gone.”

The bills are:

  • House Bill 1224: Magazines limited to 15 rounds
  • House Bill 1226: Banning concealed weapons on campuses
  • House Bill 1228: Colorado residents will have to pay a fee for background checks
  • House Bill 1229: “Universal background checks”

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