Colorado’s gun background check system maxed out as firearm orders continue to surge

underA surge in background checks for firearm purchases in Colorado has caused the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s background check system to be overwhelmed leaving thousands of gun buyers in a long holding pattern.

The CBI’s wait time on a background check generally takes minutes, but now the wait time is more than 100 hours. The Denver Post reports that the CBI wait clock tops out at 99 hours and 59 minutes, so CBI has been tracking the requests manually but that data is unavailable to gun dealers. That means it’s anyone’s guess how long potential gun buyers will have to wait to purchase a firearm in Colorado currently.

The news comes just days before the Tanner Gun Show, one of Denver’s largest gun shows, comes to town this weekend. Ty Blount, co-owner of the gun show, told The Denver Post that to deal with the situation gun dealers will either mail the purchased gun to the customer or meet up with the customer at a later date when their background check has finally cleared.

The latest spike in background check requests came in the immediate 48-hour aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting when Colorado set yet another record for background check submittals to buy guns this year.

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