Comedian ‘BEHEADS’ Trump — Do You Find This Funny?

Liberal loon Kathy Griffin has crossed several lines in a publicity stunt that has certainly offended half America and the president too.

The career comedian, whose career as a comedian kind of sucks, posed with a prop made to look like President Trump’s severed head.

The image of Griffin is extremely gory and her face does not express any sign of joking.

Social media has exploded in response to Kathy’s pose. The response has the redheaded wash-up entertainer receiving some heat:

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If you were wondering how the MSM and left were receiving this stunt, look no further.

They sort of downplayed the whole thing:

Cathy Griffin’s current career in the ‘lime light’ consists of co-hosting CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper and having a ‘reality’ show on the network Bravo titled My Life on the D-List.

At least Cathy understands no one really cares about her entertainment career.

Was this a desperate cry for attention from the not-so-funny comedian?

Did you find this funny at all?




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