Company Wants You To Support Planned Parenthood By Sending Congress…Sex Toys?

This is a new kind of weird. A sex toy company believes the best way for people to show their support of Planned Parenthood is to send members of Congress vibrators.

A different tactic of marketing…

The abortion giant is looking at losing their taxpayer funding in the GOP Obamacare replacement bill.

To combat this, the company Unbound is holding a “Vibes for Congress” campaign. According to them, 75 percent of all proceeds from the sale of its vibrators sent to members of Congress will benefit Planned Parenthood.

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For $15, members of Congress will receive a vibrator and an “educational pamphlet,” explains Unbound.

“Concerned citizens nationwide can now send their favorite congressman the vibrator he so obviously needs,” says

Unbound founder Polly Rodriguez–a former staffer for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)–says she devised the idea after hearing of the many Planned Parenthood closures.

“Until Trump got elected, we’d always thought, ‘It’s the crazies who attack Planned Parenthood,’” she tells “When we actually started to see them move to defund it, I remember feeling all of a sudden like we really need to raise awareness.”


Rodriguez didn’t stop there. She continued with her “war on women” narrative. Men shouldn’t make decisions on women’s bodies, blah, blah, blah…

“[W]hen it’s all white men making these decisions, it’s a really unfortunate situation, and this is what happens. It’s crazy to us that the people legislating sexual health and wellness are so far removed from the issues.”

Rodriguez said one of the goals for the “Vibes for Congress” campaign is to get members of Congress more comfortable with “female sexuality.” “So many of them could use [a vibrator],” she said.

For those who she hopes receive vibrators, “Mitch McConnell, first and foremost…followed closely by Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan.”

But she also said that you should send them to members that do support the abortion mill (because she has to make money somehow).

“Send one to Kirsten Gillibrand or Claire McCaskill. It’s a vibrator! It’s a positive thing.”

This is one crazy woman.


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