Conceal Carrier Avoids Deadly Armed Robbery With One Quick Move [WATCH]

When someone holds a gun to you and threatens you, one can prepare as much for the situation as possible but until it actually happens you never know how you will react.

One conceal carrier was fortunate his reflexes came into action and survived an attempted armed robbery.

Sanchez Quinn, 29, tried to rob two men using a gun outside a Detroit supermarket on Sunday night, police reported. What Quinn wasn’t expecting was for one of those intended victims to be a concealed carry license holder.

“I turned and looked and saw the other gentleman had a gun pointed at my face,” the unidentified man told FOX2 Detroit. “I was able to knock his hand down and the gunfire rang out.”

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‘The man, who is seen in the video wearing a black and white T-shirt and shorts, was able to take down Quinn, shooting him multiple times. The third man, who was identified as the victim’s cousin, was also shot in the crossfire,’ reports the NY Post.

Both of the injured men, Quinn and the anonymous cousin, should survive their wounds.

Quinn, who is currently in the hospital, was arrested along with another suspect.

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