WATCH: Conceal Carry Reciprocity Bill Has Major Gun Control Bill Attached to it?

Yesterday it seemed like American’s second amendment rights finally turned a corner in the right direction. The House of Representatives passed bill HR38, which would allow any concealed-carry permit holders to transport their firearms over state lines.

The news was celebrated yesterday, evening. Then morning came and reality slapped America in the face…


Republican Texas Representative Louie Gohmert published a video yesterday on why he voted “no” for the bill. It’s not because he think reciprocity is bad, he doesn’t like what is attached to the piece of legislation; which is a policy called “Fix NICS”.

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According to Fox News, this legislation “applies penalties to government agencies for not reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.”

Sounds logical, but Gohmert discusses why that is a problem.

“It’s a bill that would prevent more people from getting guns and 92% of those who have been denied, have been wrongly denied. They have been denied and they would have to appeal, and the way the law would continue to stand, you’re not entitled to know why you were put on the list. You’re not entitled to know why you were denied.”

He continued, “Currently the way things are going, we’re informed it is about a 3 year wait to appeal the denial of the second amendment right to have a gun, for those 92% [of 3 million people] who have been falsely denied.”

Gohmert goes on to explain that this is an Obama policy that has been carried over into this current administration and bill. The NRA, according to him, has accepted this bill for the sake of passing the reciprocity bill. It has already been reported that Senate Democrats have vowed not to allow the reciprocity bill to pass, but to let the “Fix NICS” to be upheld.



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