Concertina Beer Hall Owner Offers Free Concealed Carry Class, One Year after Shootout with Armed Robber

concertinaWhat a great way to pay-it-forward! There is no greater gift than the ability to protect your life.

It was just over a year ago that Concertina Beer Hall owner Andy Kochanski shot it out with armed robbers inside his Milwaukee establishment, killing one criminal and injuring another in a robbery that sparked a firestorm of controversy locally about self-defense in an increasingly violent area.

Kochanski marked the anniversary of the robbery by hosting a free concealed carry class that was packed with nearly 100 people:

Nearly 100 people packed Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall on Milwaukee’s near south side Sunday morning — for a lesson on guns.

“There’s a fine line when it comes to the things you do with your firearm. You need to know where that line is,” Daniel Brooker with Wisconsin Carry, Inc. said.

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The free concealed carry training class was organized by Andy Kochanski.

“I was like a poster child, I guess. People looked at what had happened to me, and they thought ‘I want to go out and get a gun and defend myself,’” Kochanski said.

It was August 16th, 2013 when police say three men walked into the Concertina Beer Hall. Police say two of the men were armed, and police say they tried to rob Kochanski.

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