CONFISCATED: Italian Police Find Nearly 800 Shotguns that Were Headed to Belgium

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.17.20 AMNo doubt these guns were headed to ISIS militants.

Police in northern Italy stopped a Turkish man attempting to transport a load of 781 pump-action Winchester SXP shotguns north into Belgium and seized the merchandise.

The Turk was planning to take the half million dollars worth of guns through Germany and Holland and eventually into Belgium, but Italy’s Financial Police and Customs officials searched his vehicle and found and confiscated the unlicensed guns.

The majority of the Winchester shotguns (716) were of caliber 12-51 and another 66 of caliber 12-41 and each was contained in a separate cardboard box. The shipment of guns reached the port of Trieste by ferry from Turkey on November 23. Given the peculiarities of the cargo, its origin and destination, the finance police (guardie di finanza) and customs officials looked further and discovered that the guns were unlicensed.

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Although no customs laws were broken, no authorization had been given for transport across Italian territory. The trailer truck carrying the guns was subjected to a further scan to exclude the possibility of the presence of other hidden weapons.

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