Congressional Republicans are Purposely Stalling Trump’s Agenda

This is a gut churning, make you want to puke, reality we are facing with the Republican party. You can literally sniff out the RINOS and they will be the ones to stop Trump’s policies from moving forward; not the Democrats. It’s time these representatives’ constituents light them up and start hounding them for backstabbing America.


On February 8, 2017, Matt Drudge tweeted, “No Obamacare repeal, tax cuts!” and “Republican party should be sued for fraud. NO discussion of tax cuts now.” Drudge was spot on.

This week, Sen. Rand Paul (my former boss, it should be pointed out) stormed out of a meeting with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan when he heard talk of keeping Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion intact and creating tax credits. Paul worried these tax credits would be a Republican-created entitlement program.

Unfortunately, the leadership and establishment in the Republican party is incompetent. When you compare the accomplishments of President Barack Obama at the same point in his presidency as President Donald Trump, it shows that Republicans are not doing their job.

Jonathan Weisman, deputy Washington editor at The New York Times, encapsulated Republicans’ lack of accomplishment in one tweet.

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Weisman points out that at this point in the Obama administration, the Democratic-controlled Congress had passed his stimulus package, the Lilly Ledbetter bill, and started serious talks about healthcare reform. Right now, House and Senate Republicans have passed a budget that sets the table for Obamacare partial repeal, yet they don’t seem to have the stomach to pass the partial repeal measure that they passed last year. That bill gutted some of the core elements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by repealing Medicaid expansion, exchange subsidies and most of the healthcare related tax hikes.

Conservatives, including The Heritage Foundation, are pushing Congress to use this measure as the basis for reconciliation this year, yet moderate senators Lamar Alexander, Bill Cassidy, and Susan Collins are pushing ideas that will save the core of Obamacare.



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