The Consciousness that Created the Problem cannot Solve the Problem: New Yorkers vote in Bill de Blasio

bill_de_blasioNew Yorkers, in their infinite wisdom, have just elected Bill de Blasio as their mayor, a man who, like his sponsor Barak Obama, was/is a communist. He has a history of funneling money to the Sandinistas through a liberation theology based group in Maryland known as the Quixote Center. In fact, he was so enthralled with the communists in the Southern Hemisphere that he and his wife, a “former” lesbian, honeymooned illegally in Cuba. De Blasio then migrated to the Democrat party (was this a change?) where he served as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for her 2000 Senate campaign. Clinton in turn endorsed his campaign, and appeared with him in a major fund-raising event.

Why would 75% of the few (22%) New Yorkers who bothered to vote put a Democrat back in office after 20 years? One wonders why the turnout was the lowest since the city began keeping track in 1955 as well, but perhaps it is that crime and other issues that impact on the daily lives of New Yorkers has improved and they have become complacent.

Perhaps his victory was at least in part due to Nanny Bloomberg’s ever-increasing intrusion into their lives, even to the point of telling them how much soda they are allowed to drink. Maybe it was his psychotic anti-gun stance and use of his own fortune to further his goals, most recently seen in his $1 million gift to put anti-gun McAuliffe in the Virginia state house. In a very real sense, the Bloomberg administration was hardly “conservative”, so the change will not be huge.

One could talk at length about the problems presented by de Blasio, because his is simply another Marxist “progressive” on steroids. But the issue I want to focus on is taxation.

De Blasio, like all Democrats, is all about taxation. In an interview Wednesday he indicated that he will use his huge margin of victory to press Albany for the tax increase. “The people of this city have spoken. The mandate is clear. It’s our obligation to create a city in which our prosperity is shared, and there’s opportunity for all,” de Blasio said.

This is interesting, because the stifling taxes in New York are precisely why people are moving out in droves, particularly the wealthier folks upon whom the city depends for its revenue. It is so bad that 1 in 7 taxpayers has left the city between 200 and 2008, a staggering 1.1 million people.

These emmigrants, to coin a phrase, earned on average 13% more than immigrants coming into the state, which translates obviously to lower tax revenues. So what is the liberal solution? Raise taxes, of course. Raising taxes is always the answer of the Left, despite the fact that it is counterproductive and simply doesn’t work.

Raising taxes doesn’t work on the Federal level; Reagan proved conclusively that lowering taxes increases revenue and raising taxes lowers revenue. In a city or state from which people can move, it is just plain stupid to think that those who are actually funding the government will not move to somewhere that does not steal as much from them.

On the city, state, and Federal level, the tax system is an unworkable behemoth. It needs to be completely scrapped. Many good ideas have been advanced to this end, but they are always shot down, because it is a tool that the government uses to reward friends and punish enemies. It is the main tool of the Left to forward their “progressive” agenda. This can be done legally by progressive taxation, meaning the more you make, the more you pay, to “redistribute” income, and illegally by unloosing the IRS on conservative groups to close them down or intimidate them into submission.

It is true that government of some sort is a necessary evil. Governments were probably originally formed to ensure some sort of personal safety for those who banded together to form them. Governments can perform some legitimate functions, and the Founding Fathers had a pretty good idea what those functions were. It is certainly legitimate that the citizens who enjoy the benefits of government should pay for those benefits.

Unfortunately, governments have grown far beyond the size needed to perform necessary functions. They have become instruments of the Left that serve only to pursue impossible utopian ideas at the expense of the welfare of the people who are footing the bill, and to enrich and empower those members of the government itself. This has always and everywhere been the case, and it is coming belatedly to America only because we used to follow the guidelines bequeathed to us by the Founding Fathers. They are now, however, considered dead white men, and their sage advice is ignored if not demonified.

A person’s wealth is his property. The government has no right to take your property – that is called “theft”. Income inequality exists, just as height or weight inequality exists. It is a fact of life. Income does not come down from heaven like manna, even distributed across the population. It is earned by individuals. The fact that some have more than others is not evidence that they “stole” if from someone else. They worked harder, smarter, and so forth to get it. They may have had advantages over someone else, but so does someone with other talents. Are you going to kill all the musicians who play better than you because you or the government thinks it is unfair that they have talent?

It is time that Americans wake up and realize the wisdom of Reagan’s statement that the government is not the solution to the problem; it IS the problem. As Einstein said, the consciousness that created the problem cannot solve the problem. More and bigger government, more and more taxation, and more leftist ideas are not the solution. What would be truly “progressive” would be to discard all the failed leftist socialist liberal ideas that have plagued the nation for over a hundred years and rediscover the wisdom of the Founders. Obviously New Yorkers have yet to learn this lesson.


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