Conservative Activists Detained by Airport Police in UK — Preventing Them from Inciting “Hatred”

Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone were recently detained at a UK airport by police. The couple are conservative activist and were on their way to an event where Sellner was to speak.

Sellner of Génération Identitaire (GI) and Perribone were charged by authorities on the possibility the speech would cause “tension among local communities and possibly incite hatred.”

So much for freedom of speech, right?

The British GI chapter published a statement:

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Yesterday, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone were detained by the UK Government and effectively declared political dissidents. The government has decided that Martin’s talk about free speech is too dangerous to be heard. Don’t worry, some of our activists will be reading his speech at Speakers’ Corner at noon tomorrow in his stead. We can’t allow either the far left or the government to silence us.

The young activist was invited to the “Speakers’ Corner” event held at Hyde Park on Sunday. Sellner’s speech was going to focus on the overwhelming influx of “refugees” and how dangerous it is for European nations to welcome them with open arms.

Pettibone called Nick Monroe, a journalist and researcher, from the detention center and informed him they were expected to be released tomorrow. She also informed that one reason they were arrested was because former Rebel Media journalist Tommy Robinson was scheduled to do an interview with them.

“My speech for the @YIofficial conference was cancelled for the 2nd time, due to security risks caused by left wing threats,” Sellner tweeted before the arrests. “But we won’t be silenced. On Sunday the 11th I will give my speech on Speakers Corner and I invite everybody who had a ticket for the conference to come!”

According to UK’s The Evening Standard, the Home Office declined to comment on if Sellner was going to be allowed entrance into the UK.

“The pledge comes after a planned ‘free speech’ conference of Ukip’s youth wing, Young Independence, this weekend was cancelled amid alleged ‘security threats,’” the Evening Standard reports. “The Home Secretary may exclude an EEA national on the grounds of public policy or security, if they pose a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat,” they said in a statement early Saturday morning.

The most likely reason these two conservatives were detained was due to Antifa activists threatening to riot, should Sellner and Pettibone be allowed to speak at the event. Below are the tweets that disclosed the series of events.


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