CONSPIRACY THEORIES ABOUND: Oscars Blunder was Trump’s ‘Revenge’ Against Kimmel

Last night’s award show wasn’t all about Trump bashing. Some people did actually win awards.

A few may have also received awards that they didn’t win. Which is exactly what happened for ‘Best Picture’ category.

Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announce ‘La La Land’ as the winners, however ‘Moonlight’ was really the winner. Now the conspiracies have ensued and somehow it might just be President Trump’s fault. 

A new conspiracy theory about Sunday night’s disastrous ending at the Oscars is making the rounds in Hollywood, according to a report in the East Bay Times: President Donald Trump sabotaged the “Best Picture” award as revenge against host Jimmy Kimmel for mocking him.

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The Times‘s Chuck Barney writes:

In a shocking mixup that had jaws dropping at the Dolby Theatre and in living rooms everywhere, “Moonlight” was honored as the best picture — but not before “La La Land” was first mistakenly announced as the winner.

And we’re still not quite sure what happened.

Did presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway blow it big time? Was this the revenge of Steve Harvey? Or did the White House play a role — seeking retaliation for all those zingers Kimmel tossed President Trump’s way?

Conspiracy theories will undoubtedly abound as sleuths seek to get to the bottom of this Oscar fiasco.

Of course this all might just be tongue-in-cheek commentary, with a dash of smart-ass added to it.

If you missed what happened last night during the award show, because you were protesting the ‘We Hate Trump’ idiots, here is what went down last night.

The big Oscars blunder:

We were several minutes into the thank-you speeches when — oopsie! Let’s just say the last time we were all this surprised, Hillary Clinton was biting the top off a bottle of the hard stuff. Millions must have gone to bed already: The Oscars were over except for a few thank-yous. Or so it seemed.

When “La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz interrupted his own crew to say “Moonlight” had actually won Best Picture, it at first seemed like a dull replay of the Grammy Awards, where Adele said Beyoncé deserved to win and almost (but not quite) said she was going to give Lady B the award.

But — hey! No! — “This is not a joke, ‘Moonlight’ has won Best Picture,” Horowitz said, holding up the card (as though we could all read the tiny writing on our TVs.) The “La La Land” folks suddenly looked as forlorn as the Atlanta Falcons at the end of the Super Bowl.


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