CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY: VA Residents Like the Idea

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West Virginia residents think that the constitution is enough of a permit for gun owners to carry. Question is, will the bill pass?

Arizona – A poll is being run in the, asking the following question:

Do you think the legislature should pass the bill that lets people carry a concealed weapon without a permit?

A gun reform bill, SB 347 is waiting to be signed by Governor Tomblin. It was passed with overwhelming majorities in the West Virginia legislature. Support was strongly bi-partisan, with 32-2 in favor in the Senate (14 Democrats voting in favor) and 71-29 in the House (20 Democrats voting in favor).

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Internet polls measure the ratio of people who have enough interest to participate in the given poll. Polls that pit second amendment supporters against disarmists routinely show margins of 3-10 to 1 in favor of protecting or restoring second amendment rights. The current poll in West Virginia is running a bit low in those numbers, with 69% in favor of the constitutional carry reform bill, and 31% opposed.

It appears that there is a strong push by Michael Bloomberg’s organizations against the bill. I have been informed that phone banks have been created to pressure Governor Tomblin to veto the bill. Senator Manchin has issued a statement against the bill.

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