CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL: The Government’s Priorities vs. The People’s

shutterstock_68302459Senator Sessions of Alabama stated this weekend, “Lawmakers must decide who they represent.” You wouldn’t think that was something that has to be said, but unfortunately it is. Have you ever noticed whatever most pressing topic that you wish the government would address is not what they actually work on? It doesn’t matter whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent, this seems to be the case.

For instance, right now the big push is immigration reform. But in poll after poll, that’s not the concern of a majority of Americans. Only about 3% of people really care about immigration reform.

Another obvious push by the government is gun control, yet poll after poll is showing American’s aren’t that concerned with it. It’s way down on the list of the public’s priorities. Sure, there are small vocal fractions who are trying to push it up the list, but it’s simply not there at this point. So why does Obama think he needs to take executive action?

How about the environment and the push for green jobs? Another topic that is way down on the list of concerns yet at the top of the government’s priorities.

Health Care Reform? Back when health care reform was first being debated, our representative, Brian Baird, came to town to talk. You had to enter kind of a lottery type of thing to get a chance to ask him a question. I, of course, didn’t get a chance but I don’t think he would have liked my question.

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On his website he listed five issues and asked constituents to rate their order of importance. Health care ranked fourth out of fifth. I wanted to ask him why he was so strongly supporting and pushing something that wasn’t even in our top three concerns. That is not representing us, that is representing what government thinks is best for us.

The latest Quinnipiac and Rasmussen polls show that jobs and the economy are the biggest concerns. The third concern? Health care. However, I don’t think it’s like it was when Baird came to town though. I believe it is because people are VERY concerned that they are losing their coverage, being told to enroll in a program that doesn’t work and puts their privacy at risk, and they have no idea how much worse it can get.

So several polls show the economy and jobs are the two biggest concerns – and what concrete action does Obama announce at the State of the Union Address as one of his grand new plans because oh-so-many people have been worrying about it – myRA. Yep, a retirement plan for the “typical” American, one they can start with only $25 a month. Only the typical American is thinking about jobs and the economy TODAY, not a retirement that doesn’t even seem real to them.

Plus when they are struggling to get by, $25 can buy a lot NOW and sure isn’t going into a retirement they may not ever see. This is just phony “action” that is useless and shows how completely out of touch this administration is.

Democrats pretend they are addressing the jobs/economy topic by pushing the “Wealth Gap” right now. Only their idea of how to solve it is really pretty far off from what most Americans want. Democrats simply want to take from one person and give to another. Most Americans want to actually earn the money themselves. But the Democrats are trying to buy votes, divide Americans against each other and make people dependent on them. Republicans are simply too gutless to take any kind of stand so they aren’t listening to us either.

But now the latest Politico poll is showing that the government itself is becoming more and more concerning to Americans. As it should. Politicians are acting superior, condescending and paternal. They know what’s best for us. But in reality they only care about what’s best for them and their only priorities are what concerns them.

Immigration reform gives them control of a segment of the population. Gun control gives them control of anyone who may oppose them. Health care reform gives them control over everyone else that gun control doesn’t. Environmental mandates literally give them control of the very air we breathe. Control control control. But what does a good economy and a lot of jobs get? An independent people who don’t “need” the government meddling in every part of their lives. That’s why their priorities are not the same as ours and why they forget who they are supposed to represent.


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