MORE CONTROL LESS SECURITY: House votes to Extend Ban on Plastic Guns

3dgunThe House approved a bill Tuesday that would extend a ban on manufacturing plastic firearms that are not detectable by security-screening devices, the first federal gun legislation approved since the school massacre in Connecticut nearly a year ago.

The Senate is likely to join the House in approving a 10-year extension of the ban on plastic guns when it returns from a legislative break next week. But some supporters continued to argue for more specific language that would outlaw the use of 3-D printers to manufacture weapons that can evade metal detectors.

Extending the plastic-gun ban, first imposed in 1988 but set to expire Dec. 9, is the one firearms issue on which Republicans and Democrats found common ground this year during months of debate and discussion after last December’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary Schoolin Newtown, Conn.

The only other efforts at federal gun legislation this year — including proposals to strengthen background checks on gun purchases and to ban military-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines — failed in the Senate in April.

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