CONVENTION CHAOS: Bernie Supports Raid DNC and Protest in EPIC Display of Hillary Hate

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.16.39 PMOne thing liberals know how to do is to throw one hell of a protest. This has got to give you the warm and fuzzies inside. Are we witnessing the complete crash of a corrupt establishment?

Hillary Clinton’s coronation as Democratic candidate for the White House opened in chaos on Monday as delegates booed every mention of her name.

The Philadelphia venue erupted in jeers and shouts of ‘Bernie’ every time Clinton was named, and outside thousands also chanted for Bernie Sanders.

The new acting chair of proceedings, Marcia Fudge – brought in after DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz quit in disgrace when her anti-Sanders bias was revealed – desperately called for ‘respect’.

Even the opening prayer was interrupted by chants of ‘Bernie, Bernie’ which began from protesters outside the venue and quickly spread inside.

In the tumult the gavelling went wrong as Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, drafted in at the last minute to replace Wasserman Schultz, forgot to use the gavel and had to rush back on stage to bring it down to formally open proceedings.

‘I hereby call the Democratic National Convention 2016 to order,’ she said to cheers, walked away from the podium, then was intercepted by an aide who ushered her back and reminded her to use the gavel. She flashed a thumbs-up sign as she left for the second time.

The signs of tumult were on display almost immediately inside the Democratic convention hall.

Cynthia Hayle, pastor of Ray of Hope Christian church, delivered an opening prayer where she warned: ‘There is tension and dissension in the land. This is not your will for us, and we know it.’

But even her prayer couldn’t stop a raw show of emotion. After she enthusiastically spoke about nominating Hillary Clinton, the crowd burst into chants of ‘Hillary!’ which quickly got joined by chants of ‘Bernie!’ by his supporters in the hall.

There were also some shouted boos when former Rep. Barnie Frank, once considered a liberal icon for his fiery denunciations of Republicans and for serving while openly gay, was announced.

Dodd is also the co-author of the Dodd-Frank bill reviled on the left and denounced by Sanders. ‘Thank you – or not – as the case may be,’ Frank quipped on stage.

Sanders supporters again burst into anti-TPP chants after Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings said, ‘Our party knows that our diversity is not our problem but is our promise.

‘That’s why ours – ours – is the party of unity and not division,’ he said.

A delegate then issued the progressive war cry – ‘mic check’ – setting off a new round of shouting about the trade deal that lasted until the African-American congressman finished his speech.

Cummings told them he was ‘proud of our platform committee, our truly progressive platform’ and ‘our great nominee Hillary Clinton.’

‘And if my father, that brilliant man with a 4th grade education but a mind full of wisdom and common sense was standing here with us tonight. I know he would be proud of all of you, and he would say these words, that this election is bigger than Hillary Clinton, bigger than Bernie Sanders, it’s bigger than all of us,’ he yelled into the microphone at the conclusion of his remarks over their incessant shouting.

‘It’s about generations yet unborn. And he would say, and he would say these simple words: You are blessed so you can bless others. Go out there and vote, and don’t stop lifting up the American people,’ Cummings said before leaving the stage.

The first mention of Senator Tim Kane, by Rep. Marcia Fudge, also brought a hail of loud boos and jeers.

The opening speech by Fudge, considered a liberal member of the black caucus, got interrupted over and over by the boisterous crowd.

Every time she mentioned Clinton’s name it set off cheers and countering boos. ‘Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to build an economy that works for everyone,’ she said, in one of many bromides that nevertheless brought loud boos.

‘Hillary Clinton this is your time!’ she said – again prompting boos.

Eventually, she was obliged to lecture the crowd. ‘WE are all Democrats and we need to act like it!’ she said. ‘May I just make a point,’ Fudge said, trying to be heard.

‘Many do not know me in this room … I intend to be fair, I want to hear the varying opinions here. I am going to be respectful of you and I want you to be respectful of me!’

Maine state representative Diane Russell, drew huge cheers from Bernie supporters as she spoke about new rules changes meant to limit the power of super delegates.

She quoted Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books as saying it’s difficult to stand up to your enemies, but ‘It takes even greater courage to stand up to your friends.’ That also drew a big cheer.

Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer, a longtime House leader who is serving as the parliamentarian of the convention declared himself ‘here to nominate Hillary Clinton …’ – again leading to more boos.

Hundreds of people holding TPP signs with the trade deals name scratched out stood throughout opening speeches.

An A to Z of leftist groups descended on the Wells Fargo Center to hurl abuse at Clinton as the DNC got under way.

Demonstrators roared approval as a giant Bernie Sanders puppet was carried through the crowds to chants of ‘Hell no DNC, we don’t vote for Hillary’ and ‘election fraud’.

Orange-shirted protestors from Make the World Action kept up a constant stream of complaints about immigration and police brutality, addressing the crowds in English and Spanish.


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