Convicted rapist who was allowed to move to Britain from Lithuania… viciously attacked woman in street just a month after arriving

liA Lithuanian immigrant who spent a decade in prison for raping a woman was allowed to move to the UK – where he committed another rape just one month later.

Gintas Burinskas had been out of jail for three months when he decided to leave Eastern Europe and settle in Northampton.

Weeks later, he grabbed a woman on the street, throttled her, beat her around the face and raped her.

The victim was hospitalised and has been left traumatised by her ordeal – she says she is scared to go out on the streets again.

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Burinskas, 36, has been sentenced to 10 years for the crime – meaning he is likely to serve less than five in total.

Campaigners including the local MP have spoken out against the short sentence and asked why the criminal was allowed into Britain in the first place.

Burinskas committed his assault in the early hours of Boxing Day last year when he grabbed a 31-year-old woman by the throat and throttled her until she passed out.

He dragged her to a copse, and when she woke up with him on top of her he hit her so hard he broke her jaw, then tried to suffocate her while pouring cider over her face.

The woman briefly escaped while Burinskas had his back turned, but he kicked her legs out from under her and stamped on her stomach before



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