Cop Trapped Under Car Saved by Hero Citizen Using Incredible Strength to Lift the Vehicle

Many people think that lifting a car up is no problem, but attempt it and you won’t budge the thing.

However, hero citizen Kenny Franklin had no issue getting a car lifted off of Florida State Trooper Jack Hypes, who was pinned under a vehicle according to Fox News.

Franklin was taking an Uber to work on Thursday morning when his driver apparently suffered a seizure, on I-4 near I-275.

The drivers foot was on the gas pedal during his episode, according to Franklin, and he felt as if he was going to die.

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From the backseat of the car, he was somehow able to get the vehicle on the side of the road and that is when the Uber driver came out of his seizure.

Franklin said that the driver “didn’t know where he was at, so he tried to put the car into a gear, and so he’s fumbling with the car.”

Taking the opportunity to get out of the car, Kenny jumped out and saw Trooper Jack Hypes walking toward him.

Franklin said, “He starts walking up towards me, to assist and assess the situation.  As he did that, the driver mistakenly puts the car in reverse and hits the officer, who is then pinned underneath the car.”

With adrenaline racing through him, all he could think about was ‘that this needed to end well’. Using his adrenaline he was able to lift car off of Trooper Jack Hypes.

It should be noted that Kenny Franklin is also a very big man.

Luckily the trooper suffered non-life threatening injuries, but had some minor ones.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that ‘all three men will be okay.’

They commended Franklin, who said he was in the right place at the right time.


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