COP WHO FAKED HIS MURDER: Went to Sex Addiction Therapy for Forcing his Colleague to do This DISTURBING Act

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 9.36.58 AMThis case just keeps getting worse.

A crooked police mentor who stole public funds before faking this own murder also abused his position to bully a junior colleague into sex, Daily Mail Online can disclose.

Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, 52, was mourned as a fallen hero in Lake County, Illinois after he was gunned down by ‘armed suspects’ on the eve of his retirement.

But investigators revealed this week that the 30-year veteran shot himself in the chest and staged the crime scene because he feared his corruption was about to be exposed.

Gliniewicz was facing allegations he embezzled a ‘five figure sum’ from the Explorers youth training scheme and instead spent it on vacations, mortgage payments and adult websites.

His family still insist he was murdered but after calling off the hunt for three suspects, police chiefs confirmed that Gliniewicz likely killed himself rather than face the consequences of his ‘ultimate betrayal’.

Allegations also surfaced today that his son – who is also suspected of having knowledge of his death – may have been involved in a sham marriage for financial gain.

In the wake of the revelation, Daily Mail Online can reveal that Gliniewicz’s alleged misconduct dates back as far as 2000 when he was accused of sexually harassing a female subordinate.

The disclosure raises fresh questions about the conduct of his department – which never denied the allegations – both before and after his death.

Other details of his personnel file show that in 2009 a letter was sent to then then-mayor, Cynthia Irwin, signed by ‘Anonymous Members of the Fox Lake Police Department’ and alleging sexual harassment of a dispatcher.

It also claimed he has an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate officer and included complaints from bouncers at local bars for being drunk and belligerent, as well as allegations that he allowed members of the Explorers youth program unsupervised access to the police department and the opportunity to wear clothing labeled ‘police.

This is nine years after the most serious and detailed allegations were made against him in a case which his department defended resolutely – without ever denying that he committed sexual harassment.

The personnel file was obtained by the Associated Press but does not appear to mention the extremely detailed account made in federal court by a woman against him.

Denise Sharpe Gretz, a 49-year-old former Lake County officer, accused the heavily-tattooed former soldier of coercing her into performing sex acts on five occasions.

She also accused the married father-of-four of making lewd comments and urinating in front of her, according to a federal lawsuit.

In court documents seen by Daily Mail Online, Sharpe Gretz described how Gliniewicz invited her to a hotel in February 2000 to give her a military uniform he had purchased for her son.

Once there he ‘directed her to his hotel room where he gave her a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.’

Gliniewicz proceeded to rub her shoulders before pressuring Sharpe Gretz into performing oral sex, according to the complaint filed three years later.

The ‘sexual favors’ continued for months despite Sharpe Gretz pleading with Gliniewicz, by then a respected sergeant and her commanding officer, that she wanted it to stop.

‘Gliniewicz continued during this time to indicate to Petitioner that these sexual favors were strongly encouraged and/or required to protect her job,’ the suit alleged.

‘Gliniewicz also indicated that he would help her become an officer in charge in return for these sexual favors.

‘In fact, on or about April, 2000, Gliniewicz indicated in a written report that Petitioner was developing the skills necessary to become an officer in charge’.

The complaint stated that Gliniewicz would ask Sharpe Gretz to meet him behind a business and he would ‘often be urinating’ when she arrived.

‘One comment Gliniewicz would make when Petitioner found him was that he could have used her help,’ it said.

Sharpe Gretz resigned from the Explorers program but said her former supervisor harassed her and bullied her into performing oral sex on one further occasion in a conference room in October 2000.

She reported Gliniewicz to the then-Chief of Police, Edward Gerretson, who suspended Gliniewicz for 30 days and ordered him to attend sexual addiction counseling, according to the suit.

However she subsequently accused the department of sexual discrimination because she was ‘berated for being a whiner’ and victimized over minor mistakes such as forgetting her gun.

The female officer quit the Village of Fox Police Department in August 2001 before launching an action for wages lost, emotional damages and punitive damages.

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